ClusterXchange is a new pilot scheme to support short-term exchanges to better connect Europe’s industrial ecosystems.

It helps European entrepreneurs, cluster managers and others enrich their experiences through transnational cooperation, peer learning, networking, and innovation uptake by spending short periods of time in each other’s organisations located in different European countries. ClusterXChange, thus, helps businesses growth through receiving better business support, exploring new markets, and improving their products and services.

What is an exchange?

An exchange constitutes a stay abroad performed by a visiting organisation from an eligible country at a host organisation in another eligible country.

Exchanges can be used to:

  • Learn from actors in another cluster
  • Explore growth opportunities in new markets
  • Adopt new technologies, digitalisation, and green low-carbon solutions
  • Invest in strategic interregional collaboration

HempClub Partnership supports exchanges in the bioeconomy and green chemistry sector in the following ecosystems: Agrofood; Textile; Health

Who can participate?

Participants (visitors and hosts) of a transnational exchange can be representatives of cluster organisations and similar business network organisations, scaling-up support organisations (such as tech centres, research institutes, (digital) innovation hubs, fab labs, creative hubs, resource-efficiency service providers, incubators, accelerators) and SMEs that are cluster members from countries participating in the COSME programme. Host organizations can be also training providers, large companies, and public authorities that are clusters members from a COMSE participant countries.

Visiting organisations can participate only once in the ClusterXChange mobility scheme.

How long is the duration of an exchange?

An exchange can last from three working days (excluding travel days) to one month. HempClub exchanges have a preferred duration of at least five working days.

Contribution fundings

A lump sum will be provided to support accommodation and living costs during the exchange for visiting organizations.

How can I participate?

Potential participants can express their interest to the European Cluster Collaboration Platform, hosting the ClusterXchange IT Tool. Contact us if you need any help or support in registering your organization on the ClusterXChange IT Tool. We will be happy to support you!

Our objectives

80 short term exchanges

Exchanges so far: 28.75% (23 / 80)

European Cluster Collaboration platform: the European online hub for industry clusters
HempClub Partnership: to know more about the project and its CXC initiatives
CXC homepage: to know more about the CSC mobility scheme
CXC IT Tool: to register as a host or visiting organization


Bioeconomy Business Exchange
February 14-16, 2023, Milan
Read more about the programme and register here

Canapa Forum – Business Exchange
5-10 September 2022, Naples
Read more about the programme here
Register here to participate